Dependable Vehicle Inspection and Wheel Alignment in Rockville, MD


Wheel alignment affects driving kinetics, tire longevity, and fuel use up. A car with properly aligned tires features a smooth and unswerving drive. Whereas, vehicles with poor alignment tend to ravage the tires and consume fuel more quickly. To avoid the negative effects caused by poor tire orientation, wheel alignment adjusts the vehicle’s suspension (the components that connect the vehicle to its wheels) to facilitate fit and optimal contact with the road. To know if your vehicle needs wheel alignment in Rockville, MD, here are some indicators to be aware of:

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  • Uneven tread wear - If the center, either side, or both sides of your tires are wearing out faster, then you definitely have to realign your wheels.
  • Uncontrolled swerving - When you take your hands off the steering wheel and your car swerves by itself to the left or right, then most probably it has misaligned wheels.
  • Tilted and vibrating steering wheel - Simply, if you notice your steering wheel is not centered or is abnormally shaking, your tires are misaligned.

If your car exhibits one of these indicators, Karnon Automotive has high-end equipment and tools to perform wheel alignment in Rockville, MD. For several years now, we have dealt with the simplest to the most complicated alignment issues of our clients in Rockville and surrounding areas. When we inspect your tire alignment, we are mainly concerned with three things:

  • First, we check your camber. It is the outward or inward angle of your car in frontal view. The camber can be categorized as positive or negative. Positive camber refers to the too much outward tilt of the tires while negative camber to the too much inward tilt.
  • Second, we look at your car's toe. From birds-eye-view, we see if your tires turn inward or outward. If they are turning inward, it is called toe-in alignment and if outward, it is called toe-out alignment.
  • Third, we inspect your car's caster. A caster with an excellent angle facilitates fine-tuned steering, firmness, and easy control. It can also be categorized as positive (steering axis tilting toward the driver) and negative (steering axis tilting toward the vehicle front).

Make sure you do not tolerate misaligned wheels. Spare your tires from uneven or premature wear out. Should you need wheel alignment in Rockville, MD, just feel free to drop by our location. In just a few minutes or hours, we can fix your misaligned tires at a low service cost.


Since 2008, Karnon Automotive has offered extensive professional emission systems diagnoses and general vehicle inspection in Rockville, MD. Has your car been making odd sounds or emitting foul-smelling gases? Let one of our ASE master certified technicians give your vehicle full inspection. After scrutinizing, he will thoroughly explain the issues he finds and lays before you the available options for a swift repair. Our goal is to fix your car up and get it running again as soon as possible. Regarding our Oil Change Policy, we use a synthetic blend or full synthetic oil/Mobil 1 Brand Extra.

With more than 14 years of dedicated professional experience in the industry, you can trust us to take good care of your concerns related to vehicle inspection in Rockville, MD. Karnon Automotive has not failed to do the job promptly and finely throughout more than decade. Also, know that we always put our customers first!

At just a block from the Rockville Metro Station, our location is just perfect for dropping your car off before commuting! Is it also more convenient for you to communicate in another language? Don't worry, we have English-, Spanish-, and French-speaking technicians! Contact Karnon Automotive today at 301-444-4410 to schedule an appointment. Or, explore this website for more information about our services.

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